Premier Inn Campbeltown Way
Views of the proposed development from The Falmouth Packet
Application Validated Fri 10 March 2017
Erection of a 70 bed Premier Inn Hotel (Use Class C1) with integral ancillary restaurant / breakfast area

Discovery Quay Car Park Campbeltown Way Port Pendennis Falmouth Cornwall TR11 4AU

Determination Deadline: Fri 09 Jun 2017.

Status: Refused on Tuesday 11th July.

This was considered by the Central Sub-Area Committee on Monday 4th July at 10:00 am
The Council Chamber, Council Offices, 39 Penwinnick Road, St. Austell.
The agenda and notes are available on the council website.

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Members of the council's planning committee voted 10 to five to refuse the application.
The Refusal Notice can be viewed on the Council Website or
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There was a public meeting on Tuesday 4th July, 18:00pm at Falmouth School, Trescobeas Road, Falmouth TR11 4LH.
This is arranged by the council to discuss the proposed development with interested parties. If you wish to speak at the meeting you must register on arrival.

During the meeting members may ask questions but no formal debate will take place.
If you have any queries please contact: Tim Marsh, Prinicpal Development Officer. Tel: 01872 224343. Planning and Sustainable Development Service.

Further documentation has been supplied to the council by local residents to oppose this application:
There is a Presentation Document Click Here
a Solicitor Responses document Click Here

This was considered by Falmouth Town Council Planning Committee on Monday 3rd April at 6.00pm.
Their comments:
Refuse as the proposed development would be detrimental to the setting of both the historic listed Arwenack Manor and Killigrew Monument and the Conservation Area. Previous reservations over the scale and massing of the development had not been fully addressed by the current application, which remained unneighbourly. There would be issues with noise nuisance and the management of deliveries, servicing and parking for the development were considered inadequate.

Further the allocated development of the adjoining car park in the emerging DPD and Neighbourhood Plan would require amendment to the scheme to prevent overlooking etc.

So this is the 4th attempt to construct a Premier Inn on this site. Premier Inn is aiming to open the new hotel by summer 2018.

The site at Campbelton Way on the planning website shows that many proposals have been made for this land. It has attracted much controvesy, just see all the newspaper articles linked below.

Most people will welcome new business to Falmouth to further it's promotion and prosperity, but is this the correction location?
The site is currently a small car park, so spaces will be lost.
The size of site is limited and therefore are the proposals an over developement? 1 or 2 storeys too high and with no parking provision for it's guests?
Here is a link to some research provided behind objections:!Al3gfG6Su1FYs2_deNVBRzHiLT5O
Visit Cornwall have even got concerns and have therefore submitted a letter:

A very comprehensive objection which has been submitted to the case officer from Tamara Bush and some of the other residents of Falmouth, this includes questions to why parking should be a material consideration.
Download Link here


Nov 2011, 74 Bedroom Hotel. 247 objections, and was withdrawn.

May 2012, 74 Bedroom Hotel. 255 objections, Refused with an appeal against the  rejection thrown out by the Planning Inspectorate.

Oct 2013, 68 Bedroon Hotel.  118 objections and refused.
Falmouth Town Council's Comment on the plans: 
RESOLVED that the Council objects to the planning application on the grounds of  over-development as a five storeys were bulky and overbearing in that location, that the development was inappropriate for the location, detrimentally affecting the character and that the traffic assessment was flawed and failed to recognise the coastal nature of the town and therefore its current and future needs in terms of
traffic infrastructure, which the application failed to meet.

July 2015, 99 units of Student Accommodation. 83 objections and withdrawn by the applicant).​​

The Refusal Notice issued on 11th July, 2017
Councillors: ARWENACK WARD
See our website for details

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